Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | July 25, 2011

Ain’t No Rest…

I’m getting tired of answering winery representative’s questions about if we are sustainable or organic at Thomson Vineyards. This season I have a two standard answers:

  • Does being a 4th generation wine grower managing the same vineyard site – owned by the family since 1938 – meet your sustainability requirements?
  • Does a Mac PowerBook G4 purchased in 2003 – used then to write a thesis on the wine industry and still used today to file online spray reports detailing the application rate of organic sulfur applied in our vineyard meet your criteria for sustainable organic?

Some may counter that answering a question with a question doesn’t really answer the question at all. But I think these two examples do a fair job of getting the job done.

After eight long years of steadfast reliable service, multiple trips through DFW airport in grad school and riding shotgun as my mobile vineyard office the past three years, today I upgraded to a new 2011 MacBook Pro, transferred 2,000+ tracks from my iTunes library, and have absolutely no intention of looking back.

I don’t exactly embody your average and traditional music freak, but I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of radio over an album. With the advent of iTunes, I began categorizing themes of music into playlists, transforming my Napster and LimeWire driven media into well curated libraries.

Little Did I Know I Would Be Forever in Blue Jeans

I grew up lip-synching to Neil Diamond’s Forever in Blue Jeans blasting on The Farmer’s 1950s restored Wurlitzer Jukebox. It took four 30-something grown men to move it to a new permanent location this past weekend. They certainly don’t make ’em like they used to.

I downloaded like a fiend the first year Napster was available in the Cal Poly dorms. Later losing that collection to an ex-boyfriend who somehow ended up with my computer at his apartment and his Gary Fisher mountain bike and Cannon Rebel EOS at mine. I considered it a fair trade.

While lifeguarding at Cal Poly a much older lifeguard wouldn’t let me off the guard stand before I could name the song and artist of three classic rock songs in a row as they blasted through the massive sound system poolside. Those were grueling shifts. The classic rock genre was before my time.

I now find myself reliant on an iPod to get me through the next mile of a long run or the next row in the vineyard. Recently both my Cannon digital camera and iPod went MIA. Recently is an understatement. It’s been since March that I’ve been without and I’ve found the mobile Pandora App to be exactly what they claim it to be – genius.

Last year I joked that we were playing specific tracks in the vineyard to inspire better absorption of certain viticulture techniques in the vineyard. Last post I lamented that I was having difficulty selecting my walk up song, otherwise known as my anthem, for the year.

Between then and now, I’ve pretty much sold out of all 2011 Thomson Vineyards fruit, we’ve set a healthy crop of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and the Merlot is well ahead of where it was last year, leaf water potential readings came in this weekend between 7 – 9.37 bars, the long cool growing season is here to stay, and The Farmer has taken precision perfect farming to an all new level.

While we wait out the long cool and temperate growing season, I encourage you to legally pay for and download the tracks below from iTunes and load up your iPod or mobile device with the Thomson Vineyards 2011 Vintage Playlist – my anthem resides in the No. 1 spot:

10. Tighten Up, The Black Keys

9. Hell Yeah, Montgomery Gentry

The Future of Thomson Vineyards

8. Little Lion Man, Mumford Sons

7. Moves like Jagger, Maroon 5

6. Money, Velvet Revolver…yes, I am aware this was first performed by Pink Floyd

5. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, George Thorogood

4. I Won’t Back Down, Tom Petty

3. Lot of Leavin’ Left To Do, Dierks Bently

2. Good Life, One Republic

1. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked, Cage The Elephant

If you’re a winery partner in 2011 thanks for selecting the Thomson Vineyards channel to supply your fruit this year and if you’re a reader who follows along with the blog thanks for tuning in once again for yet another vintage.

Next blog post I’ll detail the growing season up to this point and what’s also been occupying The Farmer’s and my time while we watch for verasion. It involves a ’67 VW Karmann Ghia and renovating a historic Napa Farmhouse. Because just like the anthem’s title implies, there ain’t no rest!

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