Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | March 10, 2010

Where Were You in 1976?

The USDA released the 2009 Final Grape Crush Report today at 12 p.m. PST – All 141 pages of it.

The following words have been used to describe it:

Meaty – Jon Bjork, The Wine Guy

Indicative  – California Association of Winegrape Growers

Cute – Infamous Winemaker, Unidentified Winery

Critical Barometer – Turrentine Brokerage

Disappointing – Steve Heimoff, Wine Blog

Regardless of what word you would use to describe it, the USDA has released this report since 1976. And while the act of compiling data and disseminating it may not have been quite as earth shattering as the “other” infamous, wine related, event that occurred that year – it has served as a solid benchmarking tool for 30+ years and continues to be the document that buyers and sellers refer to when going to the mats with one another. Enjoy!

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