Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | January 22, 2010

Two Drinks or Five

Good wine begins with fearless farming!

It’s pretty indisputable: the world makes better sense after a drink or two. I contend it makes even more sense after five, but that’s another blog. Several reports are on the brink of being released that will not only make more sense of the wine industry, but will also either make a case for why many grape growers have been drinking heavily since November of 2009 and should continue drinking heavily in 2010 OR if those grape growers may just be able to find a way to hop back on the wagon.

Point of reference: The Farmer has fallen off the wagon and as of late has been drinking often and frequently. Most of the industry events he has been attending (rated on the Thomson Vineyards quality rating scale of 1-4) are measured by the caliber of information received, how prestigious the wine or viticulture expert is in relation to the topic most on The Farmer’s mind at the time, and whether or not he brings home a big stack of  information and literature that he can stash somewhere rather than just being green and getting it off the web. But, the  industry events that make the biggest impact on him usually involve some sort of tasting or drinking. In fact he’s currently plotting which day at the Unified Wine Symposium January 26-29 will be of most value to him depending on just how much wine will be available for him to drink.

Doing my part to support the industry!

So until the 2009 Napa County Crop Report is released, several more trusted industry experts put their spin on the state of the industry, Australia dials back on Chardonnay production and Constellation Brands kills off some more of its portfolio, hug your local farmer, support your local winemaker, and stay off that wagon! As one broker put it to me, “Don’t stop drinking wine Jen! This industry needs all the help it can get!”

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