Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | January 13, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall

Education is Not "Not an Option".

We don’t need no education” was NOT a sentence uttered in the Thomson household. In fact is was the exact opposite. The Farmer sent his kids to private school to get a better education. Permission slips weren’t signed unless the field trip involved a science museum, math camp, or intellectual discussion. It was expected that you went to college. When I got out of college Matthew A. Thomson Senior said to me, “Well…now what are you going to do?” If I had the foresight five years ago to say, “Grandfather – I’m gonna’ run your business.” You can bet I would have said that! Last week The Farmer told me, “You can’t be the Executive without being the Executive Assistant first.” If these men only knew…

So, in between pruning, weed abatement, spraying, and polishing his shotgun The Farmer is heeding his own philosophy and furthering his education:

January 6 – 8:  Energy Auditing Techniques for Small and Medium Commercial Facilities, Energy Audit Skills: Tools, Data Collection Techniques, and Calculations – 0 continuing education units

January 12:  Napa Valley Grape Growers Annual Membership Meeting – 0 continuing education units

January 13:  Napa County Agricultural Commissioners Grower Update – 2 continuing education units

January 14:  Suisun Valley Fruit Growers Association (day long seminar on farming practices) – 6 continuing education units

January 15:  Basic Excel for Energy Auditors – 0 continuing education units

January 18:  Sonoma County Winegrape Commission Optimizing Spray Applications for Grape Growers – unidentified number of continuing education units

January 20: Napa Valley Grape Growers European Grapevine Moth Meeting – nothin’

January 27 – 28: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium – all you can drink!

What do I have to say to all this educating going on? Good job Farmer, putting 8 continuing education units up on the board. I’ll be immersed in an educational trip myself – to the Marlborough wine region in New Zealand February 9-26. Good luck finding a temporary Executive Assistant while I’m away. While out of the country I expect that my stock options will be direct deposited and the nameplate installed on my door before I return March 1. That’s Executive with a capital “E”.

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