Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | January 6, 2010

Vineyard Resolutions

We aren’t big on New Year Resolutions at Thomson Vineyards, but I liked something I overheard this morning on San Francisco MUNI (*more on the adventures of public transportation later; tales you just can’t make up or get in Napa, which is why The Sales Girl lives in The City) called Never Again in 2010.  The Farmer and I put our heads together and came up with our list – here it is:

We irrigate with Monster.

1) Never Again in 2010 will we place much stock in winemakers who say that the Monster Vines growing in Block 8 (see Chardonnay website tab) have been loaded up with too much fruit, have too tall of canopy, or are just too tough for them to make wine with. All 2009 Chardonnay fruit from Block 8 made exceptional wine! One winemaker proclaimed, “the gnarlier the better!”

2) Never Again in 2010 will The Farmer accept payment plans on fruit from wineries that have successful national distribution, wine lists with wines that range from $59.99 to $159.99, and certainly aren’t hurting as much as the poor winegrape farmers in the Napa Valley.

Payment Plans accepted - but not taken lightly.

3) Never Again in 2010 (harvest) will Thomson Vineyards be without a supply of bottled water, diet soda, sugar-free Arizona Green Tea,  Tequila, Santa Maria Style Seasoning, Tri-Tip, gloves, knives, and head lamps. Since the operations department is  up and running F&B and essential equipment supply order has already been placed and processed 10 months prior to 2010 harvest.

Warmed glass for The Farmer please.

So, if you are a winery or winemaker who likes gnarly fruit, the kind with layer upon layer of flavor, high acid, balanced pH; believe in paying for exceptional quality and service; and you like Tequila…be in touch.

The Farmer would like to talk to you. He’ll be drinking Amaretto out of a warmed glass though….he’s going high class in 2010!

*Also overheard or seen while commuting this morning on SF MUNI: A man boarding an already crammed 1AX bus with a Christmas Tree – fully decorated, a woman walking a cute three-legged dog with a sweater, and side chatter about what’s cooler the new Google Phone or Apple Tablet?

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