Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | December 15, 2009

Reindeer Meat, Cupcakes & Champagne

No harm was caused to any Reindeer during the writing of this blog.

Today Bi-Rite, the quintessential local-organic-community-fostering-loveable San Francisco market that attracts I’m not a health-nut-but-I-shop-like-one shoppers, announced that you can now order Reindeer meat from the butcher’s counter. Apparently you can get cuts from shoulder or strip to tenderloin, leg or even stew meat, but Bi-Rite will also take special requests.

Also in San Francisco, the Sprinkles cupcake van is positioned in Justin Herman Plaza giving Kara’s a run for their money.

Finally,  the Champagne market has been declared an inevitable bargain basement for buyers this holiday season by the Chronicle!

What do these three things have to do with Thomson Vineyards? Well, The Farmer has been working steadily on the deer fence around the Merlot in between pruning and laying out cover crop. Until he files his final report, I’ll keep one eye out for Bambi and Rudolph. Number two, word is on the street  that Sprinkles sold out in an hour today and if you didn’t catch the first Thomson Vineyards blog post our grapes really do taste better than cupcakes! And I’m currently working on selling them out in 2010. Call immediately for availability.

For all of you foodies, a note on food and wine pairing for the holidays and specifically what Champagne pairs best with Reindeer and cupcakes…none other than Thomson Vineyards late harvest Champagne – that’s Chardonnay for all of you watching brix creep past 18.5-20 to the 24.5-25 range.

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