Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | December 9, 2009

In case you haven’t heard…

It’s snowing in Napa. The Monticello Merlot is at 1,500 feet and with temperatures dipping into the 20s winterizing and pruning is well underway. In November I read an article on the most purchased winery and vineyard equipment for the season.

54% of those surveyed bought a Destemmer crusher.

Here is Thomson Vineyard’s Top 10 list of what The Farmer bought and how he is currently using some of his new toys! Let’s just say, Christmas came early.

1. Destemmer crusher

Declared good for whites, not good enough to crush $100/bottle Cab

2. Macrobins

$200/deposit to take them off the Ranch. Thanks for your business!

3. Air Post Driver

Sweet graphics!

4. Barrels

Okay...not this many.

5. Headlamps

The lamp is new...the guy is not.

6. Heald Hauler

Burt in Minnesota will ship any part you need direct. Has been since 1976!

7. House over a House (don’t ask. see bon jovi video below.)

8. Hanna pH meter

Has anyone seen the owners manual for this thing?

9. Six FasTrack Tickets $29/each, plus late fees for neglecting the mail in the Vineyard P.O. box

10. A new office girl

Not the type of girl that can be "bought," but management is currently reviewing her compensation.

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