Posted by: Thomson Vineyards | December 3, 2009

Hello world!

It’s more hello technology! than anything else. Thomson Vineyards has been producing agriculture in the Napa Valley  since 1938. Transplants from Oklahoma, they bought the land in a property auction. Ironic that property auctions have made their way back into the wine industry in 2009 and are a common place occurrence, just as they were during the great depression.

Our grapes taste better than cupcakes!

While The Farmer is busy putting grapes on grapevines so we don’t end up at the auction – I’m busy making sure the family business continues to have a stake in the grape selling market for 2010.  And that means gmail accounts, twitter, a website and maybe even a paypal account for direct deposit and transfer of funds! Now accepting payment for 2010 tasty wine grapes.

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